Minutes 01 2015

MARA Minutes from January 8, 2015 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Foster

16 people attended

Reminded everyone to sign in at sign in sheet

Reminded everyone to pay dues

Motion to accept minutes published on web site by Morris 2nd by R. Martin by acclamation

Did not have a treasurer report due to illness and transition will have one in February

Foster discussed meeting with Coletta’s about issues at Christmas Party. He said they offered a deep apology and were aware of the problem. Foster mentioned that we would be looking at other places for next year. We would again need to decide if we wanted a joint party and find a venue that could accommodate it.

Mentioned that we would probably have some meetings away from precinct in fall due to their training schedule. We could have eating meetings or meetings at the church.

Foster asked if anyone had a special program they would like to see or would like to volunteer to give a program.

Had a 15 minute break

Proposed a budget for 2015 and discussed it in detail. Made motion to accept budget. Kanschat made motion, R Martin 2nd by acclamation. Budget is attached.

Discussed buying laptop to keep records and budget info. Made motion to buy and it was accepted by acclamation. Can’t read writing on who made motion and who seconded.

Draw for door prizes.

Fannie Wilkerson won light

WR4R passed

KJ4BDU won volt meter

WA4PSF won volt meter

8:13 motion to adjourn by Schlichter 2nd by Stevens by acclamation