08-2014 Minutes

MARA Minutes from August 7, 2014

Meeting at the police Precinct

21 members present including all board members

President Foster called meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Minutes per web page, Motion to accept by Parish, 2nd by Martin accepted by acclamation

Treasurer report per Kanschat, Motion to accept by Savage, 2nd by Munday accepted by acclamation

Mentioned repeater status and that we were going to buy new VHF continuous duty amps for $700+ shipping for two.

Lowenthal mentioned Huntsville bus and $70 cost – non breakdown is extra fee

Mentioned new bill HR4969 to get federal antenna relief. Encouraged all to write congressman

Mentioned LivItUp 5k run and needed few more volunteers it is Huntsville weekend.

Short Break

Program was DVD about history of high powered AM radio and construction of 500,000 watt station in Ohio.

Motion to adjourn at 8:15 by Schlichter, 2nd by Souza.