Zero Beat 06 2014

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday, June 5, 2014, 7 p.m.

Police Precinct

Northeast Police Precinct, Appling Farms Station

6850 Appling Farms Parkway, Memphis, TN 38133


Our program this month was put together by Roger Schlichter. It is comments about some of the this year’s Dayton Hamfest activities from several different viewpoints.

Tony will be in Mexico during the June meeting so someone will be taking notes. Please be sure to sign in and help whoever it is.


Randy plans to have the software ready and will bring it to the June meeting.


The weather at Dayton this year was terrible. It was cool with a high in the mid 50’s with very light rain. On Saturday it had both sleet and rain a few times. It has been very good the last few years so we were in for a bad year. Other than the cold, the rain was generally light and came and went so we were able to get some flea market shopping in.

We took a lot of stuff from the club estates and were able to sell it off. We have in hand over $1600 and still plenty of stuff to sell. We have recouped all of our $1200 investment and still have more to sell.

We plan on having a flea market event at the church on Saturday June 21 from 9 am to about 1 pm. to sell off some more of it. This is the Saturday before Field Day. Stay tuned for more details. Delta has a lot of folks out of pocket that weekend but may also participate if they can work it out. All are invited to come and participate. You will need to bring your own table as we are short of tables.

One bright spot at Dayton this year was the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the ARRL. In light of this any ARRL member for more than 5 years was given a $100 certificate to spend in the flea market and a 50% off coupon on any single item inside.

Field Day

Field Day will be on June 28 and 29 at the clubhouse at 2417 Lacosta. We are still planning, but the general plan is to operate 3 stations as we have before. We will have testing compliments of Bill Stevens. On food, the plan is to have “serve yourself” sandwich stuff for lunch on Saturday and cater something for the Saturday night meal. Sunday morning we will have coffee and something light. Suggestions for Saturday night so far are for BBQ, Pizza, Sushi, and Fried eel eyes. Let us know your preference. Absolutely all are invited to attend!!! Delta, Tri-State, and MARA are doing this as a joint event but all are invited and you do not have to be member of any club or group. We do need a head count for planning purposes so drop us a note if you plan on coming.


The 444.175 on LeBonheur is back on the air with a new Stationmaster antenna thanks to Lance Morris. I can hit it with an HT in my driveway in Bartlett. We are working on the 6 meter and will have an update later. We now have two Stationmaster antennas for the 2 meter repeater and we will try to install one of them at WKNO in June.