Zero Beat Oct 2013

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Please Note New Meeting Date Change to First Thursday

Note start time changes below for October Meeting

Thursday October 3, 6 pm

Dinner meeting with Pizza and Desert

Brignole’s Pool Clubhouse 2417 Lacosta

Bartlett Map at left under meeting location

Please note changes for October meeting

October Meeting

The next meeting will be a demo of several ways to put lines into trees and other tall objects. We will demo this in the field next to the new pool clubhouse. Several folks have agreed to come and demo their equipment and technique. Pat Lane will demonstrate a casting rod, Bill Stevens will demonstrate a sling shot, Ray Miller will demonstrate a potato cannon, Roger Schlichter will demonstrate the long cross bow, I will demonstrate the small hand cross bow. It you are interested in making one of these you can get pointers and information from the person demonstrating it.

The meeting will start at 6 pm and we will have the program first because we need daylight. Pizza and ice cream will be provided after the demo in the Pool Clubhouse. We will have cokes and tea. If you would like beer feel free to bring it yourself. The pool clubhouse is next to the swimming pool. [ Pool is covered now]. Park at the south end of the parking lot. We will start in the screen porch and move to the field for demos.


FreeFest has been approved by the ARRL for Saturday April 12, at the Bartlett Center . We will follow the same format as past years. Activity will start ramping up shortly and I will keep you informed. A lot of folks have told me they plan to come this year and we could have a major space crunch. I keep reminding myself to listen to the advice I give my son-in-law at restaurant Iris. They are extremely busy and last Saturday they had 142 covers in a restaurant that seats 55 people. It is harrowing and wild in the kitchen. I tell him to count his blessings. Many local restaurants would love to have that problem.

Chattanooga Hamfest

The Chattanooga hamfest is Saturday October 26. Several of us are planning to attend. As I understand it, Chattanooga is about the same size or a little smaller than FreeFest. Some that have been before can comment as I haven’t been in many years. Plan is to drive Vanna [new van] over on Friday, attend the hamfest Saturday morning and leave to return to Memphis very early afternoon. Right now we have 4 planning to go and can accommodate 4 more. Please let me know if you are interested.

Vanna [all my vehicles are named] will make her first public appearance at the October meeting. I have cleaned her, installed radios, checked her out, had my mechanic check her out, and added a seat to accommodate more folks. This will be her first road trip since the 400 mile drive up from Millry AL, when Roger and I went to get her. Thanks to Roger, Dennis, and Lance for all their help. I now know where every junk yard is in the area that has Ford Econoline Club Wagons.

Driving a 22 long foot van on a 1 ton truck frame takes some getting used to. The length is a major issue. Last week I pulled into my driveway and ½ hour later the rear end showed up. Backing and parking require some special attention. I have run over a few curbs cutting corners too sharp but I am getting steadily better. All in all it is a great way to go to hamfests and other functions. It will seat 11 short term and 8 very comfortably spread out along with gear.