Zero Beat 04 2016 FreeFest

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Zero Beat Special Edition

FreeFest 2016 - Wrap Up


FreeFest 2016 is now over and it appears to be another good time and success. Our drawing raised $3922 for LeBonheur which is about $500 more than last year. Many local folks won major prizes and listing of all prize winners is shown at the end of this newsletter. This is thanks to the excellent record keeping of Rick Kanschat who developed the system we used this year. Nearly all the hourly prizes were claimed on the spot.

Concessions sales were up slightly and we were able to cover expenses again this year. We are fortunate to have so many gourmands in the ham community. Attendance seemed higher than last year but without a measured gate it is hard to be exact. Bartlett Center folks think it is our highest attendance ever.

We have been advised that the cost of renting the building will increase by $135 next year. We will get creative on how to help offset this.

Vendors appeared to do well and several have emphatically told me they would be back next year.


Several folks tested and passed their tests. Their names are listed below. They are automatic members of MARA for the remainder of this year if they fill out an application. I understand that calls have been issued by the FCC for some of them, if not all. Congratulations to the following;


I have a dreadful fear of writing thank you notes. It is not because I am not grateful but I have a tremendously deep fear of leaving someone out and hurting their feelings. So many folks worked so hard to help this year it was amazing. This is a testimony to these individuals. These same folks are there for all the public service events and gatherings. When you get to know them, many are also workers and supporters of various religious, charitable, and civic organizations, and supporters of the arts. I pray I don’t leave someone out but if I do please don’t be bashful about reminding me that I missed you. In no specific order, sincere thanks to;

Rick Kanschat, Dennis Foster, Art Barnet, Dan Lasley, Roger Schlichter, Lance Morris, John and Jean Parish, Richard and Wanda Martin, Joe and Beverly Lowenthal, Ken and Linda Laseter, Rick Tillman, Bill Stevens, Bob Vawter, Keith Barton, Carol Hudock, Pat Tobin, Ned Savage, Mary Brignole, Rosalinda Melena, Steve Smith, Joe Wray, Jeff and Stacey Krause, Joe Grisham, Linda and Ray Ware, Travis Roach, Betsy Freeman, Bullfrog Net, Delta Amateur Radio Club, Mid-South Amateur Radio Supply, Tom Vickers, Gary Weatherford, Donald Trump, Freddie Bratton, George Astor, Dorsene Malott, and Damon Runion.

Grand Prize Winners – not in any particular order

Hourly Prize Winners