Zero Beat 02 2016

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday Feb 4, 2016

7:00 pm at the Police Precinct

We will be at the police precinct for our February meeting. The precinct is at 6850 Appling Farms Pky.

February Meeting

Dennis is currently working on several potential programs for the February meeting. These are;

1. Use of Laplace transforms to solve 2nd order non linear differential equations.

2. Computer modeling of reaction kinetics in electrophoresis reactions

3. Use of Fourier Transforms to solve IMD problems in repeater operation

4. Sitting around and BSing about the elections

5. DVD presentation about the Amateur Station on the Queen Mary

Please drop him a note at or call him at 626-3678 with your preference


The state stuff is nearly all gone. We will get and updated summary out as soon as we inventory it but there are only a few items left. We sold a lot at the Jackson Hamfest – see below.-

2016 Dues

Please pay your dues for 2016. We need these to support our activities. There is a membership application on the web page. If there have been any changes in your status please fill one of these out and send it in with your dues. Art Barnett is the treasurer and official dues collector and it best to give it directly to him or mail it into our mailbox. PO Box 343358 Bartlett, 38134

Jackson Ms. Hamfest

The Jackson Ms. Hamfest was a great success. We sold a ton of stuff , both personal and club estate stuff. We are nearly all out of the estate stuff and have very few pieces left. Art is sorting out the finances and will have a report in the future. It was fairly large this year and there were a lot of interesting vendors there. We will talk about it more at the meeting.

FreeFest April 9, 2016

Free Fest has been crazy so far this year. Tulsa (Green Co. ;Claremore Ok) moved their hamfest to April 8 which conflicts with FreeFest because of a scheduling problem in their arena. This has caused some major issues. Some of our dealers come from the Houston and Dallas areas and are much closer to Oklahoma than Memphis. Tulsa is larger than us and is also the division meeting this year and we are losing some dealers to them. Fortunately we have been able to replace them with new dealers and should be full again this year. We have several vendors who had wanted to come but we didn’t have space for them in the past. They are now going to come. We’ll keep you posted on updates.