Zero Beat 10 2012

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Special Notice

Note Meeting Change Date

Please note the October meeting will a cookout at the clubhouse on Saturday October 20 from 3 pm till dark. We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cokes etc. The October meeting will not be on the normal first Thursday date of 10-4.

All are invited but it sure helps if we have a rough head count for planning, so please drop me a note [] if you plan to come and how many bodies will be with you.

November Meeting 11-1 at LeBonheur

The November meeting will be on the usual first Thursday date of 11-1, but it will be a tour of LeBonheur hospital at LeBonheur. We will have flyers and more detailed instructions for meeting details and parking instructions as we firm up plans prior to the meeting.The current plan developing now is to meet at the LeBonheur lobby around 6:30 or 7 pm. LeBonheur is a fantastic facility and the meeting facility is first class. This will also be our elections for 2013.

FreeFest 2013

It’s time to start thinking about FreeFest. The ARRL has approved us for Saturday April 13, 2013. Format should be pretty much same as last year. We are starting to think about prizes. If you have any ideas for cool prizes or would like to donate please let me know. I try to get prizes worth $100 or more on the prize tickets so the folks get credit. As in past years we have had good luck with some non-ham main prizes like the I-Pads and TV.

Repeater Status

6 meter is on air with j-Pole hanging up about 25 feet above ground. Folks in Bartlett area have hit it with good results. Dennis and I are still working on modifying duplexer as time permits. First two mods to receive side have gone well and we are now starting to check out coupling harness.

440 continues to chug along in my shop. I can move it over to WKNO but if I do it will not be coupled to the 2 meter machine like it is now. What do you think? Working on controller interface but this is a very low priority as the MSF 5000 are self contained and don’t require a controller to operate. An outboard controller offers some interesting options though.

St. Jude Marathon 2012

“Looking for an opportunity to put your equipment and license to good work”. Roger WR4R is still looking for volunteers to help out with the St. Jude Marathon on December 1st. We are blessed to have St. Jude here locally and it is a good cause. If you have some time on your hands contact Roger at and find out the details.”

The marathon usually occurs on the same day as the Bartlett Christmas Parade and this taxes our resources severely. Please see if you can free up your schedule this year so that you can help at one or both events. It is the first Saturday in December and both events greatly benefit from your support.