05-2014 Minutes

MARA Minutes from May 1, 2014

Meeting at the police Precinct

23 attended. All board members except Krause

President Foster called meeting to order at 7:00 pm

Treasurer report by Kanschat Motion to accept by Stevens, 2nd by Martin by acclimation Treasurer Report attached

Secretary report lost and minutes will be included with May minutes if they don’t get lost.

Gave Report on FreeFest

Largest ever, most vendors, over 100 inside, attendance estimated 400+

Biggest flea market ever

Ticket sales down little from last year, raised $3653 for LeBonheur.

Recognized guests/new members

Jerry [WB4ICV] and Fannie [WB4ICU} Wilkinsons from Moscow


Short 10 min break.

Program was ARRL DVD highlighting past 100 years of ARRL history

Motion to adjourn at 8:11 Stevens, 2nd by Martin, by acclimation.

Editors note – Wilkinson paid $20 family dues and I have check and membership application.