Zero Beat Nov 2013

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Note Meeting Place Change for November

Meeting is Thursday November 7, 2013 7 pm

2417 Lacosta Dr. Bartlett

Because the police station is being used for training we will meet at the Country Club Estates Pool Clubhouse again in November.

November Meeting

The November meeting is going to be a busy one. Once again we will have food and drink at the meeting. Dennis Foster will prepare a gourmet meal of “Arkansas Tube Steaks avec Fromage”. We will have cokes, chips, and condiments to go along with them. We may even have a special bottle of French wine- Le Chien En Ragé to toast the new officers.

Elections will also be held and those that have agreed to run are listed below. As always, nominations from the floor are welcome.

Elections don’t usually take a lot of time so we will have a short program. We will demonstrate the Fox-Delta HF antenna analyzer. This is a remarkably simple piece of equipment that sells for around $70 delivered to Memphis. We will demo the USB port model unit that runs from a laptop computer. Other models are available that use Blue Tooth and run from an Android or Tablet. This unit is easy to use and gives excellent results up to around 35 MHz.. Even Democrats have reported remarkable success using this unit. We plan to have some current information from the Fox-Delta web site along with ordering information for those interested.

Officer Candidates for 2014

The following folks have agreed to step up and run for office for 2014.

President Dennis Foster

Vice-President Roger Schlichter

Secretary Tony Brignole

Treasurer Rick Kanschat

Board Lance Morris

Board Ron Rubin

Board Jeff Krause

After many years John Parish would like to step down as Treasurer. John has done an extraordinary job and kept us up to date with our finances. Rick Kanschat has agreed to step up and take over the monetary duties with some help and training from John. Please pass your thanks and appreciation on to John for a job well done and all his years of service.

Christmas Party

The Christmas party this year will be Thursday December 5 at 6:30pm at Coletta’s Restaurant. Once again we will exchange gifts so start collection things to bring. We ask each person to bring at least one item in the $10 range. If you bring more, then there will be more to exchange. Last year we went through the list over 2X times. The club will be looking for some special gifts also. Gifts do not have to be ham related – just something useful that folks would appreciate. Unisex gifts are easiest to handle but if a gift is sex specific please mark it well so we know how to draw for it.

St. Jude Marathon December 7th

Roger Schlichter is coordinating the effort for the St. Jude Marathon this year on Saturday December 7, [Pearl Harbor Day]. He needs several more volunteers to help out. Please see if you can fit this into your schedule and contact Roger at wr4r@bellsouth.netif you can help.