July 2013

MARA Field Day/July Meeting Summary

Field Day was on June 22 and 23, 2013, It is the July meeting for MARA. No official meeting was held.

Field Day was held at St. James Catholic at 4189 Leroy in the large open room on far east end of building. Room and operating stations were air conditioned.

Hugh Wardlaw brought his motor home and set up outside with a 110V power connection for inside air in motor home. Hugh worked outside under awning.

Just over 80 attended.

Set up 3 HF stations and one VHF 6 meter station. Ran all on large batteries from Tri-State.

Used end fed long wire antennas. 6 meter station used beam with “Armstrong” rotator. All worked pretty well.

Had approximately

140 CW contacts

303 SSB Phone Contacts

32 SSB 6 meter UHF super band opening – had to shut down at 1 pm still going.

Food was sandwiches for lunch and hot dogs and burgers for dinner with lots of condiments and sides. Had lots of chips and candy and deserts out all day. Several folks brought deserts. Plenty of cokes, tea, and wine. Several brought beer.

Utility bill to run air for building for 2 days was around $80.