Zero Beat - Special Field Day Editiom

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

June-Field Day Edition

Sat. & Sun June 27 and 28 2015

2417 Lacosta Dr. Bartlett

Special Field Day Edition 2015

This is a special Field Day edition of the Zero Beat.

There will be no July meeting. Field Day is the July meeting.

Field Day is Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28.

All are invited. You do not have to be a ham or member of any particular club or organization. Show up and have fun. Pass the word to all hams and other friends who may be interested. This is a joint effort of Delta, Tri-State, and MARA.

We will meet at 2417 Lacosta Dr. In Bartlett around 8:30 am on Saturday to begin setup. Campers and other non communications equipment can be moved in on Friday night but you will have to let me know to make arrangements.

The plan at this point is to have two fully functional stations and a GOTA station. Pat Lane will coordinate the HF CW station, Hugh Wardlaw will coordinate the HF phone station, and Michael Knight will coordinate the GOTA station. Special demonstrations are also planned.

We plan to follow the format we used last year minus the monsoon rains. We plan to have sandwiches for lunch Saturday and BBQ for dinner Saturday night. In addition we plan to have Cokes, chips, hot dogs and junk food most of the day. Sunday morning we will have some type of light breakfast food.

Repeater News

The Fusion Digital repeater is now up and going on LeBonheur. It is the automatic mode so try it out and give us feedback.

Initial indications are that it is not as good as the Kenwood TKR-851 and we are getting some occasional intermod because of the wideband receiver. This was expected. All in all it appears to be a reasonably good repeater for the money.

Yaesu has extended the special price of $500 till the end of the year. I was told at Dayton that they had sold about 1800 on this special program as of Dayton.