03-2014 Minutes

Minutes from March 6, 2014 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm by President Foster.

39 people attended and all board members.

Introductions around room.

Minutes as posted on web page motion-Morris 2nd-VanVoorhis by acclamation

Treasurer report attached motion-VanVoorhis 2nd Krause by acclamation

VanVoorhis gave brief update on software and requirements for Win 8. Randy mentioned a program called coreinfo.exe that can check your computer to see if it can run Windows 8.

Foster gave update on FreeFest prizes.

Bill Stevens mentioned swap meet March 15 at church 8-noon. Free Coffee and Donuts

Foster explained 3 stations;

One for issuing FreeFest Tickets

One for software ordering and questions

One for testing radios.

Skipped break and went directly to 3 stations.

Meeting adjourned informally around 8:30 pm.