Oct 2013

MARA Minutes from October 3-2013 Meeting

Meeting was held at the Pool Clubhouse at 2417 Lacosta Drive in Bartlett as Police Precinct was used for a meeting by Police.

Meeting started at 6:10 p.m.

Had 32 present. Including all board members except Kanschat who was away on business.

Program was held first because it involved a field demonstration and daylight was needed.

Program was field demonstration of various ways to put ropes in trees to hang antennas. Several folks demonstrated equipment.

Bill Stevens demonstrated the sling shot

Pat Lane demonstrated the casting rod

Ray Miller and friend demonstrated the tennis ball air cannon

Tony Brignole demonstrated the hand cross bow

Roger Schlichter demonstrated the full size cross bow

Moved inside for Pizza after the field demonstrations.

President Foster reminded everybody to sign in on sheet and then went around room with introductions.

Motion to accept minutes as posted on website by Jeff Krause.

Second by Bill Hudock.

Treasurers report by Parish. Motion to accept by Lance Morris.

Second by Jeff Krause.

Foster mentioned Patches were available. First free, additional $4 each.

Solicited ideas for November program. Meeting will be at Pool Club House at Country Club estates.

Solicited anyone who may be interested in running for office in 2014.

Reminded all that we still had 2 large beams from estate sale. Looked to be Mosley Cl-36.

Christmas party is 1st Thursday in December at Coletta’s – regular meeting day.

Jeff Krause asked about plans to climb KNO tower to work on repeater antennas. Foster reported we were working on scheduling it. Krause mentioned that he knew climber. Brignole said climbers were not issue. Knowledgeable folks at top and bottom were.

Had drawing for door prizes

Joe Wray, Rick Tillman, and John Cummings won prizes.

Motion to adjourn around 7:33 p.m.

Roger Schlichter made motion. Bill Hudock second.