Elmer Net

Suggested Preamble for the 444.175 MHz Elmer Net on Sunday nights

(Link to downloadable version of this preamble is at the bottom of this page)

QST all Stations. QST all Stations.

Welcome to the Sunday night Elmer Net on the 444.175 repeater. The repeater is located at the Lebonheur Children's Hospital. (Alternate frequency is 145.210 also with a 107.2 Hz tone.)

My name is (your first name & call sign) and I will be your net control station this evening. This is a directed net and all stations will refrain from transmitting until called on by the net control station.

The goal of this net is to have fun and provide new hams with an opportunity to ask questions to the “elmers” on the net. We have all been new at one point in our amateur hobby and having someone to ask a question of is always appreciated. Please note that this is NOT a traffic net. Please direct any traffic to one of the many other nets in this area.

This net is affiliated with the Mid-South Amateur Radio Association (aka MARA). However - ALL licensed amateurs are encouraged to check in and need not be club members.

The format of this net is to check-in using your suffix phonetically. When called to check-in formally please tell us your name, full call sign and if you have any questions for the net. We will call for the questions after we have checked everyone in.

This is (your first name & call sign)

We will now take check-ins from anywhere in the alphabet – Alpha thru Zulu.

Take Check-Ins

Now we will open the net for anyone having a question to pose to the “elmers” on the net. Come now with your suffix:

Take Questions

Do we have any late check-ins?

Take Check-Ins

We would like to thank the MARA for the use of this repeater for the “Elmer net”. We invite everyone to check-in next Sunday night at 9:00.

Until then – everyone have a great week and enjoy this great hobby of ours. We are now returning this repeater to its regular use.


This is (your first name & call sign)