Minutes 08 2017

Minutes from 8-3-2017 Meeting

Met at Police Precinct, 15 Present!

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dennis Foster. Pat Lane’s program is on earthquakes.

Welcome and Introductions, Around the room.

Motion to accept minutes and treasurer’s report as posted on website

By Dan Lasley, 2nd by Joe Wray, passed by acclamation.

John Parish had club badges, old directories of our club, and repeater journals available.


Old /New Business /Announcements

Joe Lowenthal compiled an up to date emergency list. John P. will laminate 50 copies to give out at

next meeting.

Dan asked for help with an article for the Newsletter for Delta Club. The article will be for the Observance

of Veterans Day. He wants to list Veterans that have died in combat that are family members

of MARA members. Going around the room, he found about 14 family members he could list.

Pat Lane announced that Denise Ganucheau, KJ5DG, had died from cancer. Don’t know about arrangements.

MARA received a certificate for the ARRL Field Day-Official Served Agency-American Red Cross Visit for

“Demonstrating the capabilities of Amateur Radio to work in less than optimal conditions

and using emergency power.” Thank you to everyone for a successful Field Day!


Pat Lane led an interesting presentation about the work/instruments/research being done

at the University of Memphis Earthquake Center. He also told lots of stories, and Nina Stone told

some stories about their field work.

Drawing winners: Joe, Dan, Pat, Mr. Hall, Jean P., Nina

Move to adjourn at 7:59 pm by Roger, 2nd by Lance, passed by acclamation.

Submitted by Cindy Foster, KJ4VUV, Secretary