Jan 2013

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association – Club Meeting Minutes January 3, 2013

Minutes from 1-3-2013 Meeting

Meeting was at Police precinct.

26 people attended.

Meeting started at 7:00 pm

President Dennis Foster had introductions around room and then introduced new board members Ron Rubin and Rick Kanschat and then old board members and officers, Lance Morris, John Parish, Tony Brignole, roger Schlichter, and Himself

Reminded everyone to sign in and to pay dues on time. He also asked folks to note any changes in email or phone etc. to the sign in sheet.

No old business to discuss

No new business; one question about software this year. Software will not be ordered this year it is done every other year and we ordered last year.

Reviewed proposed budget. Question notes;

Remind folks to pay dues this year - some didn’t pay last year.

No social events this year for FreeFest like last year

Did not include FreeFest Ticket printing

Found spread sheet mistake in sheet corrected in final double negative

John Parish gave treasurers report

Motion to accept by Ham Hilliard, Second by Danny Banks, voted ok

Foster noted minutes posted on web

Motion to accept by Rick Tillman, Second by Danny Banks, voted ok.

Break for about 10 minutes

Tony Brignole gave short demonstration on TV-USB Dongle to determine interest.

If interest club will order dongles and do February program on SDR Dongle

Had requests for 22 of the dongles [editors note few more came in later to 26]

Adjourned around 8:45