Feb 2010

Northeast Police Precinct (Appling Farms Station)

18 February 2010

The membership meeting was called to order by President Lance Morris N4GMT at 1901. Introductions of attendees followed. The Treasurer's report was preseted by John Parrish KD4EUZ. A motion was made by Ham Hilliard W4GHN to accept the report. It was seconded, and voted accepted. No minutes were available for the previous meeting 20 January 2010; they will be posted before the next meeting.

Old business:

From VP Tony Brignole WA4KHN: People are needed for Freefest 2010 on Friday afternoon of 9 April. We will inspect tables, and permit dealers to setup early. 1200-1600 to wrap all the tables with protective paper or cardboard. 1600-1800 for dealer unloading at $100/hr. Keep putting out the word. 88 spaces, and about 20 remain. No mailing. Please get prizes donated. We plan to have Le Bohneur receive our profits.

Motorola battery chargers are still available, and will charge models like the GTX-900.

New Business:

1921 Presentation on Batteries

see some details and references at http://www.repeater-builder.com/

The meeting ended at 2002.