11-2014 Minutes

MARA Meeting Minutes from November 7, 2014

Meeting at the Hibachi Buffet, 6196 Elmore in Bartlett – dinner meeting, elections, very short program.

20 present, All board members except Roger and Rick. Roger at St. Jude Marathon Meeting.

President Foster called meeting to order 7:30 p.m.

Introductions around room.

Motion to accept minutes. Motion by Lance, second by Lowenthal, accepted by acclamation.

Treasurer report read by Brignole for Rick. Motion to accept by Lane, second by Krause. accepted by acclamation.

Went over Christmas party at Coletta’s and mentioned menu and cost etc. Mentioned that mailing would be going out with details.

Mentioned that Roger was at St. Jude Marathon meeting and still needs volunteers for St. Jude Marathon on December 6th. Call Roger if you can help. Looking at using both 2-meter and 440 MHz for run.

5 minute break

Elections for 2015 – following were elected.

Following were elected for 2015 by acclamation:

President Dennis Foster KJ4BDU

Vice-President Roger Schlichter WR4R

Secretary Tony Brignole WA4KHN

Treasurer Art Barnett WA4PSS

Board Members:

Lance Morris N4GMT

Jeff Krause AJ4GY

Rick Kanschat N0KYN


Program was very short – computer died and could not do power point. Brignole went over some factors that affect path loss between repeaters and mobiles. Since presentation is very short will send out charts in separate mailing.

[Editors note – computer threw a hissy and hard drive died. Ordered new HDD for laptop.]

Motion to adjourn at 8:10 by Morris, second by Krause.