Minutes 08 2015

Minutes from 8-6-2015 Meeting

Met at Police Precinct

Approximately 25 Attended; Guest – TN Section Manager Keith Miller attended.

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dennis Foster

Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes as posted on web by R. Martin 2nd by Savage , acclamation

Motion to accept Treasurer Report by Kanschat 2nd by Wilkerson, acclamation


Howard [Jelly N4HLF] mentioned OX com drill for October 1,2,3. He will send out notice and we will forward to club. Drill will be Friday Afternoon and Sat morning. Working on all bands. Bring your own rig Finish by noon Saturday.

Roger mentions MS-150 for Darrel Sheffield. Sat Sept 12 and 13 two days all day 6 am to 4 pm.

Contact Darrell to volunteer. He needs lots of operators.

We decided whoever makes the motion to accept August minutes will pick up check at Patrick’s for September meeting.

Short Break

Keith Miller Tennessee Section Manager did the program. He mentioned the scenario of the Oct. Drill - it would be a large 8.6 earthquake and local government would be non-functional so it would be business as usual.

He gave an overview of ARRL in state and mentioned we had 48 clubs, 3442 ARRL Members, total of 18,560 hams in 667zip codes.

He mentioned that outgoing officers should update ARRL club page. He gave status of the PRB1 in Senate and Congress and asked members for their support. He mentioned that lifetime membership was approximately $975 payable over 2 years. Family member was additional $200.

Drawing for prizes; Tillman won the multimeter; Errol Cook the float charger; and Richard Martin the Rope.

8:00 pm motion to adjourn by Roger,2nd by Martin, Acclamation.