Nov 2012

Minutes from MARA Meeting at LeBonheur


Meeting was held at LeBonheur for dinner and tour.

LeBonheur furnished dinner sandwiches and beverages along with spectacular sheet cake thanking MARA for donations of over $10,000 over past years.

Meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by President Dennis Foster.

19 people attended.

Foster went over details for Christmas Party at Coletta’s and reminded all to bring gifts. Most thought best start time for party was 6 pm.

Foster solicited folks for Bartlett Christmas Parade on December 7 and reminded folks that this did not conflict with the St. Jude Marathon as it had in past years so it would be easier for folks to work both events. Foster brought a sign up sheet.

Tony Brignole Solicited folks for the St. Jude Marathon on December 1 at Roger Schlichter’s request. Roger was at one of the 2 major planning meetings for the marathon and could not attend the meeting at LeBonheur.

Elections were held for officers for 2013. The nominating committee consisting of Foster, Brignole, and Parish, asked the following to run and they accepted.

President Dennis Foster

Vice President Roger Schlichter

Treasurer John Parish

Secretary Tony Brignole

Board Member Lance Morris

Board Member Ron Rubin

Board Member Rick Kanschat

Ned Savage nominated himself for vice-President. This meant that the Vice-President position had to have a run-off.

Foster proposed motion that since the other officers were un-opposed that we elect them by acclamation. Motion was seconded and the unopposed nominated officers were elected by acclamation.

A secret written ballot for the vice-president position was held and the vote was 13 for Schlichter and 4 for Savage so Schlichter was declared the winner.

Rick Kanschat and one of his assistants gave a great tour of the LeBonheur facilities. Prior to the tour they gave the group some statistics into LeBonheur and how many were treated each year.

Rick was asked about he repeater location on top of the penthouse for the 2nd 900 MHz machine. Rick mentioned he was out of budget money and the $10,000 expenditure required would have to wait till next year.

After the tour we thanked Rick and his assistant for the excellent tour and hospitality.

Meeting adjourned around 8:20 pm.