Sep 2012

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association - Club Meeting Minutes September 6, 2012

Location: Patrick’s Steaks & Spirits, 4972 Park Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117 at 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: President Dennis Foster (KJ4BDU), Secretary Linda Ware (KJ4ELL), Treasurer John Parish (KD4EUZ), Board members: Tony Brignole (WA4KHN), Ned Savage (KA4BLL), Danny Banks (KJ4FXZ). Total membership attendance approx. 23.

Welcome: Brief business portion of eating-meeting called to order by Dennis (KJ4BDU) at 7:00 p.m. Thanks to everyone for attending. Introductions; introductory comments.

Minutes from previous club meeting motioned (Rick NØKYN), seconded (Jeff AJ4GY), and accepted as posted on MARA website. Printed copies of previous month’s minutes and Treasurer’s report are always available at sign-in table. Treasurer's report (August 1 through August 31, 2012) read by John Parish, motioned (Danny KJ4FXZ), seconded (Nina WB4CHH), and accepted by attending membership (viva voce).


Regular club meetings for the rest of this year will be held at various locations, not at the precinct. October will be a Saturday afternoon (3 pm til dark) cookout at the clubhouse, with everyone invited (including the other clubs). The date is October 20, 2012, and RSVP to Tony please for head count (including guests). Details will be sent out by e-mail and you can “reply” to it for everyone’s convenience. Tony’s e-mail address is:

November (elections) will be held in conjunction with a tour of LeBonheur, this will be announced at the next meeting.

December will be the annual Christmas party at Coletta’s.

Old Business:

Follow up on club patches: Ken Laseter (KI4AOH) is to conduct further research with a company he knows about.

New Business:

Tony gave a repeater report.

Program: Dining portion of the “eating-meeting” took place with enthusiasm. Thanks to Mike Miller, owner of Patrick’s, for graciously making the room available to the club.

Motion to adjourn (Ray KJ4DUE) was seconded (Del AJ4EM) and meeting adjourned by Dennis (KJ4BDU) at approx. 8:30 p.m.

Notes: Information on the above mentioned meeting locations will be announced in October.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Linda Ware (KJ4ELL)

Repeater Status

6 meter is on air with j-Pole hanging up about 25 feet above ground. Folks in Bartlett area have hit it with good results. Dennis and I are still working on modifying duplexer as time permits. First two mods to receive side have gone well and we are now starting to check out coupling harness.

440 continues to chug along in my shop. I can move it over to WKNO but if I do it will not be coupled to the 2 meter machine like it is now. What do you think? Working on controller interface but this is a very low priority as the MSF 5000 are self contained and don’t require a controller to operate. An outboard controller offers some interesting options though.