Minutes 01 2016

Minutes from 1-7-2016 Meeting

Met at Police Precinct

?? Attended

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dennis Foster

Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes as posted on web by Kanschat, 2nd by Parish by acclamation.

Lowenthal starting extra class at the EMAC auditorium

Talked about Christmas party and asked for feedback. General comments about Macaroni Grill were very good.

Asked for suggestions for next year. Sites mentioned were Butcher Shop, Olive Garden, Fire Birds, and Abuelos.. All pending room to accommodate us at reasonable $$$

Mentioned two estates that we had just secured and advised that we would be putting list out. Rule was members first with 10% discount then others. Prices were about 3.4 of Ebay without discount; so some very good deals.

Short Break


Discussion of budget for 2016. Comments below:

Consensus was that we put permission to spend for estates and repeaters in budget as line item. Also increased amounts to $1500 as recommended

Budget adopted with above changes. Motion by R. Martin, Second by Stevens, acclamation.

Budget is attached.