Zero Beat Field Day 2014

Today at 7:55 AM

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Special Field Day Edition

Field Day Sat June 28 and Sun June 29

Our July meeting is Field Day. There will be no formal July meeting.

Field Day is this weekend Saturday June 28 and Sunday 29.

Field day is the July MARA meeting so all please sign in. We will have one sign in sheet and we will copy it and distribute it to all the clubs for their records.

We will meet at the clubhouse at 2417 Lacosta in Bartlett around 9 am Saturday to start set-up.

This is a joint effort. Delta and Tri-State will also be participating.

All are invited, even if you are not a member of any club. Pass the word!!!

We will have light food for breakfast but don’t expect anything fancy. I expect most will stop and eat prior to set up as we will have to get set up before the noon starting time. Campers and other big stuff can be moved into position on Friday night but you need to call Tony Brignole to make arrangements.

General plan is to have sandwiches and hot dogs for lunch Saturday and Leonard’s BBQ for dinner Saturday night. Coffee, soft drinks, water, and tea will be available all day. Sunday morn we will again have light stuff and coffee.

See the Commercial Appeal – Bartlett Weekly, June 19, page 11 for Field day article.

Point of order – there will be no carry out of food this year. In the past we have had folks carry out plates and this year we are only ordering enough for those present.

We still need the following:

Your presence at Field Day

2 large gel cell batteries, charged up ready to go.

Garage Sale

The garage sale went well and we made around $1100. This was on top of the approximately $500 we already made over our original $1200 investment. We still have several “big ticket” items to sell. We also have a lot of tower available. It is $25 for members and $30 for non-members per section. It is used in pretty good shape. We will be taking a lot of stuff to Huntsville to sell. We have a Kenwood TS-940 with matching speaker andMC-60 mic and lots of repeater equipment. We will try to list it to members before taking it to Huntsville –but no guarantees.