Zero Beat 07 2012

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

July, 2012

Please Note New Meeting Date Change to First Thursday

There is no July Meeting - Field Day was the July Meeting

The August meeting will be at the Police Precinct at 6850 Whitten Bend Cove. Map and directions are on the web site.

NO July Meeting

There will be no July meeting. Field Day was the July meeting.

6 Mtr Repeater Update

The channel elements for the 6 meter repeater have come back and Alan McClain K4BNI is coming on Saturday July 7 to help us tune over the new repeater. Alan takes care of the highway patrol repeaters which operate in the 48 MHz area and he is very familiar with the GE Mastr II repeaters.

444.175 UHF Repeater Update.

The Motorola MSR2000 repeater is still percolating on 44.175 MHz with tone 107.2 at my house in south east Bartlett. It is on a 20 ft push up outside the shop so it has limited range

Eventually it will go back to WKNO to replace the Icom brand repeater that we have been using. If you are close by in Bartlett try hitting it. It is turned down so it is only putting about 20 watts to the antenna so the coverage is limited during this testing.

Radios for Sale

Freddie Bratton KF4ZGJ is cleaning house and there are some good deals. He has 2 Kenwood TS850’s and a Ten-Tec Jupiter for sale. I am not sure what he is asking for the 850s but for the Jupiter he wants $1000. It is the one from Dick Barnes estate and I tested it about a year ago and it was in very good condition and I was thoroughly impressed. It is an SDR with front panel for local operation. It gets high marks in reviews. It you are interested contact me and I can give you Freddy’s number. He plans to take them to Huntsville. Prices may be negotiable but you’ll have to ask Freddy.

Field Day - June 23 & 24 – 2012

Field Day was great and I had fun. I hope you all did to. It was not as tiring to me as it was a few years ago. Probably because we kept it simple. One fellow saw the article in the Bartlett Express and stopped by to donate an old National NC109 Short wave receiver. It is a late 50s early 60s vintage but was in mint condition. We will check it out and decide what to do with it. We may use it as prize for FreeFest next year or raffle it off. It appears to be worth around $200.

We had tremendous press coverage in the Bartlett Express. As you know, Editor Julie Ray came out Sunday and spent nearly 4 hours with us. She even made a contact with a station in Ohio. Get a copy of the June 28 edition of the Bartlett Express. We are the cover story and the photo is in full color. I have tried to scan the article in but it may be too large to send. It tried to down size it so it would be easier to handle but it still pushes around 5 megabytes.

The JPG files were too big to load on this page and were sent out with the newsletter. If you need/want a copy and your ISP can handle it contact me at and I'll send you a copy.