Feb 2013

Minutes from 2-7-2013 Meeting

Meeting was at Dennis Foster’s Church at 7217 Centralia in Ellendale

29 Attended

Meeting started at 7:00 pm

President Foster introduced folks around room.

Reminded folks to sign in and pay dues to John Parish.

Mentioned Jackson Hamfest. Bought new 6 meter antenna. Sold radio system for $150.

Asked if any announcements – there were none.

Asked about any business new, old and, monkey. None reported.

Recruited net control operators for Elmer Net on Monday night.

Treasurer’s report motion Ham Hilliard, 2nd Jeff Krause. Voted unanimous

Motion to accept minutes [attached] as posted on web Ham Hilliard, 2nd Jeff Krause. Voted unanimous

Tony Brignole gave brief overview of SDR radio and software. Covered general do’s and don’t do’s. Outlined what was in SDR package. Mentioned Terrastick Cinergy TStick+ as being best dongle to work with. Also mentioned literature and CD that comes with dongle and $30 price tag.

Brief break

Issued out 25 dongles Dennis already had one. Got money for 24.

Motion to adjourn at 7:54 pm Motion Jeff Krause, 2nd Rosalind Melina, Voted Unanimous.