Minutes 04 2015

MARA Minutes from 3-26-2015 Meeting

This was a joint meeting for both March and April. March was snowed out.

Meeting at 2444 Lacosta clubhouse. 25 attended.

Called to order at 6:50 pm by President Dennis Foster

Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes as posted on web by Morris, 2nd by Martin by acclamation.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report as posted on web by Kanschatt, 2nd by Schlichter by acclamation

Old business

Swap shop at St. James on 3-21 raised $106. Understand others did well also

New Business

Mentioned that we had a potential tower to take down (editor’s note too dangerous turned down)

Joe Lowenthal mentioned HR 1301. This bill requires reasonable accommodation to homeowners associations for antennas. Joe asked everyone to write to their congressman and senator supporting the bill; probably Fincher or Cohen for Tennessee folks.

Reminded everyone that the Union City Ides of March hamfest was next Saturday 3-28 at the Armory.

Announced that the Race for The Cure was at Harbor Town on Saturday May 30. Stations need to report between 7 – 7:30 pm.

Pat Lane announced that the annual Armed Forces Day Cross band exercise will be May 9 at WKNO. All are encouraged to attend.

Asked for volunteers for FreeFest this year and provided tickets to anyone who needed them.

Short Break


Brignole gave talk about HP 89** series test instruments and demonstrated the HP 8935.

Motion to adjourn approximately 8:25 pm. Did not get who made motion etc.