Minutes 11 2016

Minutes for November 3, 2016

Meeting at CCEH clubhouse 2417 Lacosta Dr. Bartlett TN

Official meeting called to Order at 7:03 pm by Foster

Introductions around room – reminded everyone to get ticket for drawing.

Motion to accept Minutes and Treasurer Report as posted Motion by Lane 2nd by N Savage by acclamation

Pat Tobin talked about vanity call sign proposal to FCC

Joe Lowenthal mentioned General class starting Monday from 6pm to 9:30 pm.

Short Break


Roger Schlichter talked about St. Jude Marathon on December 3 and mentioned that he could still use a few operators. Roger mentioned repeater set up and frequencies used. Lowenthal offered to call some folks to come help. Nina Stone mentioned that her son had been at St. Jude for an extended period. Foster Thanked Schlichter for his long time work on the Marathon.

Foster mentioned Christmas Party details. Thursday night December 1 at 6:00 PM at Macaroni Grill. It will be a 2 course meal with non-alcoholic beverage for just under $20. Members will bring desserts; all low calorie of course. You can order off the menu and wine etc but it will cost extra.

Short Break

Restart with Elections at 7:38 pm

Elected for 2017 were:

Dennis Foster President

Rick Tillman Vice-President

Secretary – no one running

Art Barnett – Treasurer

Rick Kanschat – board member

Lance Morris – board member

Dan Lasley – board member

Motion to accept above Parish 2nd by Lowenthal by acclamation

Drawing winners, Brignole, Tobin, Stevens, Munday.

Motion to close at approximately 7:45 by Morris, 2nd by Tobin, by acclamation