Zero Beat May 2013

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Please Note New Meeting Date Change to First Thursday

Next meeting

Thursday May 2 - 7:00 p.m.

The May meeting will be at the Police Precinct at 6850 Whitten Bend Cove. Map and directions are on the web site.


Roger Schlichter will talk about Transmission Lines. This will either be either about the linkage from the steering wheel to the transmission in vehicles or the cables we use in getting our RF signal from the radio to the antenna. Come out and see which one it is. Roger has been working on this and he always gives an excellent presentation so it should be good whichever it is.


FreeFest was a big success. Thanks to all those who helped and came out to make it a success.

We raised $3776 for LeBonheur with our raffle. As usual Ned Savage and Rick Tillman won several prizes. One local ham was quoted as saying Ned could “think he bought a ticket” and it would be drawn. Several of you sold large quantities of ticket but Michael Knight was hands down our biggest ticket seller with over $400 worth of tickets sold. Thank you Michael!!!!!

Attendance was probably about the same as last year – in the 400-450 range. We were 100% full and again turned down many inside requests for the 6th straight year. Some vendors thought attendance was up and some thought it was down. Concession sales were up but table demand was not as brisk with requests coming in a little later than last year. The ticket pre-sell continues to be good for LeBonheur and the increased ticket sales show it. All in all, it was a good FreeFest.

Next year the date is Saturday April 12. This is the Saturday before Easter.

Field Day

We have secured permission to use the old school building at St. James Catholic Church for Field Day this year because somebody snuck in ahead of me and reserved the clubhouse at our homeowners association. St. James is at 4189 Leroy in the Berclair area of North East Memphis very close to where the old radio store used to be. The school has been abandoned for a couple years so a light clean up will be needed prior to Field Day. We will also have a tour of the facilities at the same time. It is larger than the clubhouse, has commercial bathrooms, good air conditioning, plenty of parking, and great operating areas. As usual all area hams/groups are invited to participate and attend.


Dayton is May 17,18, 19 this year. Several of us are veterans going to replenish our critical junk supply. If you would like information about Dayton ask one of the veterans at the meeting. The general plan is to leave on Thursday around noon or earlier and return Sunday.