Zero Beat 05 2016

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday May 5, 2016

7:00 pm at the Police Precinct

We will be at the police precinct for our May meeting. The precinct is at 6850 Appling Farms Pky.

May Meeting Topic

Dennis Foster and Art Barnett will show slides and discuss an interesting case of the effect of High Intensity RF on an electronic auto ignition.


FreeFest was a big success. We raised $3922 for LeBonheur. This is over $500 more than last year. Thanks to all who helped out. Bartlett folks have said that they think this was the largest attendance we have ever had. Several vendors have told me emphatically that they would be back next year. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The magic date for next year is Saturday April 8, 2017.


Dayton this year is May 20, 21, 22. Several of us will be making the pilgrimage again this year. We will be set up in our usual spot of FW3110, 3111, 3112. No promises, but we usually have cokes, beer, snacks, and something to eat. Stop by and say hello. All are welcome.


The club still has some 1 5/8 inch air dielectric Heliax. If you would like a piece, contact Tony Brignole. It is possible to make a Stationmaster® type Stacked Collinear Antenna from sections of Heliax. It is also possible to make a duplexer from the sections. Both of these projects are in the ARRL antenna book and on the internet. The stacked collinear is the easiest project of the two and not too difficult. The price is right.


Please pay your dues for 2016. We need these to support our activities. There is a membership application on the web page and at the meeting. If there have been any changes in your status please fill one of these out and send it in with your dues. Art Barnett is the treasurer and official dues collector and it is best to give it directly to him or mail it to our mailbox. PO Box 343358 Bartlett, 38134


Fusion repeaters are on both the 147.030 and 443.250 in Automatic mode. The 443.250 is linked to the node at my house if you have a fusion radio and want to experiment with it. Occasionally I link it to America Link but generally leave it unlinked so you can go where you would like. The repeater will handle either digital or analog but you must be in digital to link. Unfortunately we do not have amplifiers that can handle digital traffic so the repeaters are only putting out about 20 watts out of the duplexers. We are looking for newer amps.