01-2014 Minutes

Minutes for Mid-South Amateur Radio Association meeting January 2, 2014

19 people attended. President Foster was out of town and meeting was conducted by Vice-President Roger Schlichter.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm and started with introductions around room.

Schlichter thanked volunteers for St. Jude Marathon which was cancelled because of bad weather. 64 hams volunteered.

Motion to accept minutes as posted on web site

Motion by Parish

2nd by Kanschat

Approved by acclamation

Treasurer report by Parish - attached

Motion by Kanschat

2nd by Brignole

Approved by acclamation

Roger mentioned that we were in touch with Randy VanVoorhis and would try to do software this year. We also mentioned that we do it every other year. Mentioned that we had some copies of last software buy still available and if folks wanted to purchase them please contact Brignole.

Asked if there was any interest in VHF contest on January 18. No interest was expressed. [editors note sent note to both Delta and Tri-State and received no response]

Mentioned that February program would be on Echo Link by Foster and Knight.

Mentioned the Swamp Stompers Marathon in Shelby Forrest January 25. Could use a few more volunteers. Interested should contact Danny Banks.

Joe Lowenthal mentioned that he was starting new general class on Sat January 24.

Brignole mentioned that several of us were going to the Jackson Hamfest on January 24 nd 25 if anybody wanted to go we still had some room in the van. Estimated cost was $55 for room and LT $25 each for gas.

Presented the proposed budget for 2014 [attached] pretty straight forward. One wrinkle was a preapproval for up to $1500 for special purchases approved by board. This could be for capital items or estate purchase etc.

Motion by Stevens

2nd by Savage

Approved by acclamation

Took a short break and then had Lance Ray show his portable power packs which he had set up in the rear of the room. These are for power in remote locations.

Adjourned at 8:05 pm motion by Stevens 2nd, by Lowenthal, approved by acclamation

MARA Treasurer Report

December 1, December 31, 2013

Beginning Balance $13,012.98


Ck# 1109 Food Duplexers 795.81

Ck# 1110 Christmas 155.29

Ck# 1111 Coletta’s Christmas dinners 1,142.09

Ck# 1112 Gift Card 104.94

Fees 6.00

Total expenses $2,204.13


12-9-13 Dues 160.00

Total Deposits 160.00

New Balance $10,968.85

CD (matured 5-15-13 ($219.14) $26,000.21

TOTAL $36,969.06