Zero Beat 04 2014

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday April 3, 2014

7:00 pm

We will be at the North Police Precinct. Directions are on the web page.

Next meeting

Meeting will be a very short program on power modules and why your mobile may not transmit and some ideas on how to fix it. We will also talk about FreeFest and complete the software orders.


Sell tickets!!!!!! Prizes are very good and odds are best around. Talk it up to your friends and neighbors. Call me if you need more tickets 901 216-3263 or email at Bring your tickets to the meeting to turn them in or bring them to FreeFest if you need more time. You can buy your own tickets early but the goal of pre-sell is to get to folks who won’t normally be at FreeFest. This is for LeBonheur!!!!!

This year we have a special prize for those who are attending. It is a 42 inch LCD Sanyo TV. It was donated after the tickets were printed. We plan to draw for it around 12:30 [noon] and keep drawing until it is claimed. It will be a nice perk for those who attend. You must be present to claim this special prize.

We are 100% full inside at this time and about ½ full in the flea market. If you want flea market spaces please let me know pronto.

Most of you who are Christians know of the parable of the Prodigal Son. The lesson is that if a heinous sinner repents and mends their ways, God will reward them and show them favor. We have lined up several who need and are worthy of repentance. In case the weather gets dicey, we can get one of them to repent so we are expecting a clear and sunny day with about 75 F and a light breeze. Many of you are asking why I didn’t agree to do this. I did, but I was told they are saving me to get Democrats and Republicans to be very cordial to one another, brotherly love between Arabs and Jews, and world peace. I was told by the Vatican that they weren’t about to waste me on “good weather”.

We still need some volunteers. If you can work a couple hour shift please let me know. We do not want anyone to work all day and not enjoy the hamfest but please let us have a couple hours of your time.


Bring your software orders to the meeting or get it to one of us ahead of time with payment. We plan to order the software in early April and try to have it here by May. We will not take any orders after the April meeting.