Apr 2012

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association - Club Meeting Minutes April 5, 2012

Location: Northeast Police Precinct (Appling Farms Parkway) 6850 Whitten Bend Cove, Memphis, TN 38133

Attendance: Vice-President Roger Schlichter (WR4R), Secretary Linda Ware (KJ4ELL), Treasurer John Parish (KD4EUZ), Board members: Tony Brignole (WA4KHN), Lance Morris (N4GMT), Ned Savage (KA4BLL), Danny Banks (KJ4FXZ). Total membership attendance approx. 30.

Welcome: Meeting called to order by Roger at 7:00 p.m. Thanks to everyone for making it out. Dennis is home from the hospital and on the mend. Introductions; introductory comments. Minutes from previous club meeting motioned (Richard K4DXF), seconded (Jeff AJ4GY), and accepted as posted on MARA website (maraonline.org.) Printed copies of previous month’s minutes and Treasurer’s report are always available at sign-in table.

Treasurer's report (March 1 – 31, 2012) read by John Parish, motioned (Lance N4GMT), seconded (Danny KJ4FXZ), and accepted by attending membership (viva voce).

Amount raised for the club from the silent auction at the last meeting is $171.00.

Old Business: SOFTWARE ORDERS for MARA paid members have been submitted by Randy Van Voorhis (W4RMV) randy@markseven.com

and payment has been sent in by John Parish. The disks are hopefully expected to be available for distribution to members at the May meeting.

Follow up on gathering information about the club jackets/patches will be handled by Dennis.

The subject of researching cost/advantages of increasing insurance by adding Officers & Directors coverage to the club’s current liability policy, which was requested by Denise (KJ5DG) at the January club meeting, was addressed. After discussion, the next step is that John Parish will pull a copy of the ARRL policy for Roger and Denise to go over and follow-up.

New Business:

Discussion about the joint venture for the MARS May 12, 2012, Armed Forces Day event w/Ham Hilliard (W4GMM) to be held at WKNO (instead of Huxtable) again this year. Re: money for food, the budget calls for matching Delta’s contribution up to $50.

FREEFEST update by Tony (WA4KHN)

Friday Social at Club House 6:30 to 9 p.m. – Mary, Pat, Nina, Denise hosting

B-B-Q/Spaghetti dinner catered by Leonard’s

All who work are invited, must RSVP for headcount and food order

Friday night – after party cleanup

Table Layout

100% filled. Have had to turn down several vendors

Need 4 additional 6-ft.tables (Lance 2, Wares 2)

Outside Vendors

One commercial vendor going outside, Ham World. Inc., Talladega

13 of the 15 outside spots are filled


Turn in money for tickets by Saturday morning at FreeFest, have ticket stubs ready to drop in the drum. Turn in any unsold tickets.

First drawing about 10:30 a.m. – Hourly drawings

Re-draw unclaimed prize tickets at 2:30, then go right into main prize drawings before close.

Advertising – in addition to announcements on the air and on all the nets

Commercial Appeal article with photo in Wednesday’s paper (April 4th)

Posters placed in Marrs, Radio Shack, Library bulletin boards, etc.

AM Radio – Tony &Dennis on David Saks’ Saturday night show (WUMR 91.7)

AM Radio – Jeff to plug FreeFest on his station (KWAM 990)

Volunteer List

Friday – (1 p.m.) walk thru, set up/cover tables – early vendor load in

Friday – Ham Hilliard and Ray Cole setting up sound system

J.C. Alexander taking care of VE testing & seminars/David Saks announcing

Saturday – doors, free tickets, load in, ticket sales

Saturday kitchen crew, Lance cooking

Saturday cleanup

Talk-in by Linda (KJ4ELL) and the Bullfrog hams

Tom Medlin (W5KUB) will have space w/live feed on the web

Announcements: FIELD DAY – Richard (K4DXF) extended an offer for MARA to join Delta Club at the Task Force I warehouse site in Frayser; contact is Billy Freeman (KD4EYW). Details are still being worked out for the possible use of that location. Discussion followed, including the safety of the location, and overnight access. The MARA board is looking at several options right now, and all suggestions, ideas, and comments from members

re: Field Day 2012 should be e-mailed to Dennis at kj4bdu@arrl.net.

Dwayne (N5XUL) announced a fox hunt for this Saturday, April 7th. It will be a basic direction-finding exercise and training event starting at 10 a.m. from Veterans Park on Bartlett Blvd. For details see: hamcalendar.com, or contact Dwayne at: de690@bellsouth.net.

Condolences to the family of Carol Bartlett (WB4SJK) Silent Key, of Ramer, TN.

Program: Voice of Victory (1944) A great video presentation about ham radio in the 1940s – shows the design and construction of Hallicrafters Radio transmitters and receivers and explains how these radios aided our soldiers and allies in World War II. An engaging historical document explores the extensive planning and testing by hams and technology involved.

Drawing for door prize won by Linda (KJ4ELL).

Motion to adjourn by Jeff (AJ4GY), seconded by Ray (KJ4DUE) and adjourned by Roger (WR4R) at 8:20 p.m.


Next meeting will be at regular location at Police precinct on May 3, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Linda Ware (KJ4ELL)