Minutes 12 2015

MARA Minutes December 3, 2015

Christmas Party Macaroni Grill Wolfchase

Meeting was held at Macaroni Grill at the corner of Germantown and Highway 64 in the Wolfchase area.

28 people attended the meeting

Meeting called to order at 6:55 pm by President Foster.

Went around room with introductions

Motion to accept minutes and Treasurer report by J. Parish, 2nd by Kanschat, by acclamation.

Foster reminded everyone to sign in.

Introduced board members for 2016 and thanked Roger Schlichter and Jeff Krause for service.

Mentioned that we had two estates we were working on. More would be coming on these in 2016.

Motion to adjourn around 7:15 by J. Cummings 2nd by Stone by acclamation.