Zero Beat 05 2014

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting

Thursday May 1, 2014

7:00 pm

We will be at the North Police Precinct. Directions are on the web page.

Next meeting

Program will be a video from ARRL highlighting the history of amateur radio and the history of the ARRL over the past 100 years. Dennis Foster will handle the program


FreeFest was the most successful that we have ever had.

We were able to squeeze in a few more tables and get 104 spaces inside. We were full inside and turned away about 12 folks. In years past we turned away a few more but had fewer inside spaces. Attendance was estimated at over 400 and ticket sales for LeBonheur was a little less than last year at $3653. Several of you did great with ticket sales but bad weather and the flu took its toll on many of us. Many of the main prizes were won by local folks and this reflects that there were several who had $100 or more in tickets in the barrel. All in all, a great hamfest and thanks to all who helped out. Next year FreeFest is Saturday April 11.


Software order is placed. Not sure we will have it ready for May but certainly for June. Looks like the order was for nearly $1500 so a lot of folks took advantage of it.

Estate Items

Club has stuff from 2 estates stored at St. James Church. We are currently in process of taking down a tower with the weird antennas I sent pictures of. This should give us about 8 sections of tower and two antennas nobody can identify. We are also working on another estate that could be donated. Plan is to have a sorting pricing party one evening at the church shortly. We’ll keep you posted.

Weird Antenna Pictures

Got several promising tips from photos of the antennas I did not recognize. None have turned out to properly identify them. We have them on ground and they are professionally made but have no label or ID. We will test them later with an antenna analyzer to see what band they are in. Guess is 440.


Congratulations to Member Steve Beale who passed his technician test at FreeFest. Steve’s call is KM4AEO. He has been working on his own for the past couple years. We are looking around for a loaner 2 meter rig to get him on the air.