Minutes 01 2017

Minutes 01 2017

Minutes from 1 -5-2017 Meeting

Met at Police Precinct

19 Attended

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dennis Foster.

Welcome and Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes and treasurer’s report as posted on website

by Kanschat, 2nd by Brignole by acclamation.

Joe Lowenthal will start Technician Class Feb. 25th, for 6 Saturdays, 9-1pm,

except March 11th and April 8th.

Program will be on the budget for 2017.

Short Break

Discussion of budget for 2017. Art Barnett emphasized that dues needed to be collected.

Copies of Budget were passed out to members, copy attached.

Tony Brignole will send out a list of newest estate to see if anyone wants to purchase,

anything not sold will be taken to Jackson, MS, Capital City Hamfest. Tony also reported

Freefest, April 8th, is 80% full! Suggestions were made about placement of tickets for sell,

Should be setup by the bathrooms or food area for easier purchase.

Thank you to Rick Kanschat and Le Bonheur Hospital for a plaque to recognize MARA for

raising $25,000 for Le Bonheur It will be placed on the donor wall at the hospital. Great Job!!!

Tony Brignole announced the need to find someone to take over Freefest 2018.

He will help show the ropes and that we need to keep the relationship with Le Bonheur.

Motion to accept budget by Ned Savage, 2nd by Rick Kranschat by acclamation.

5 prizes of gift cards from Danvers were given out to Richard, Ned, Bill, Art, and John.

Move to adjourn by Roger Schlichter, 2nd by Bill Stevens by acclamation.

Submitted by Railroaded Cindy Foster, Secretary