Zero Beat 09 2015

Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Next meeting – eating meeting

Thursday September 3, 2015 6:30 pm

Patrick’s Restaurant 4972 Park Avenue

Meeting Details

We have to be out of the police precinct for the months of September, October, and November so our meeting will be an eating meeting at Patrick’s Restaurant [] at 4972 Park. It is on park just west of Mendenhall. They have a great selection of quick food and plate lunch specials at very reasonable prices.

I am going to try and get Irvin Ables, KU4K, to give a program on the differences in idiom between Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek Koine and their applications in the translation of the New Testament. I would like to get him to discuss the Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Alexandrinus, and the Codex Vaticanus and their use in the translation of the bible into the Latin Vulgate in the late 3rd century.

If I am unsuccessful, then we will just visit, eat, and have fun!!!

October Meeting

The October meeting will be a working meeting at the pool house at 2444 Lacosta. Roger and I have been working on the generator overvoltage protection devices. The cost at this time is in the $30-35 range. If we can get our prep work done we will be assembling these and calibrating them at the meeting. We have parts for 16 units and 13 have signed up at this time.


Please pay your 2015 dues if you haven’t. Dues are $15 per member and family memberships for all those in the same household are $20. Active duty military and full time students are free but you must fill out an application. Dues for new hams are free for the remainder of the year they are first licensed. Dues are only prorated for newly joining members.

Officers for 2016

It is not too soon to start thinking about officers for 2016. The club needs new viewpoints and ideas so think about running. If you would like to consider running let us know. If anyone would like to be secretary it would make me very happy. I would volunteer to help out so it would not be too difficult a job. All you need is some basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Tower and Coax for Sale

Bill Hall’s tower was recently blown down into a tree and onto his roof during a wind storm. Roger, Dennis, and I were able to get it off the top of his house and out of the tree. Bill donated this to the club and we are cleaning and sorting and will probably have several sections of tower and some 35-50 Ft pieces of very good RG213 available shortly. We will keep you posted but if you have an immediate interest contact one of the club officers.