Minutes 04 2016

Minutes from 4-7-16 Meeting

Met a North East Police Precinct

26 Attended

Called to order at 7:01 pm by President Dennis Foster - Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes and treasurers report as posted on web. Motion by Van Voorhis, 2nd by R. Martin, by acclamation.

Joe Lowenthal mentioned Tech Class start end of June or early July running to August, Thursday Nights.

Brignole mentioned FreeFest Setup tomorrow [Friday] at 1:30 pm at Bartlett Center. Need Help

Mentioned Field Day at Germantown. Big show with Germantown taking all the credit. Trying to get Tom Medlin to come and cover it. Germantown Fire Department will sponsor it.

Bill Stevens mentioned the estate that Delta has. He said they were selling it for widow and any prices would have to be approved. Prices seemed very high.

Brignole gave update on Fusion repeaters status and what we were doing.

Randy Van Voorhis gave software update and is working on list of what is available. Paid version of Win 10 does not have to automatically accept software updates. He was estimating that Office 2016 would be in $35 range.

Short Break

Brignole gave program - was short program on return loss and SWR with some of the data that we had seen at WKNO working on the 900 and 2 meter antennas.

Had prize drawing:

Barnett was 1st, Savage was 2nd , Cummings was 3rd, Guest Josh H was last.

Foster mentioned that Barnett and Parish were laminating membership cards at meeting.

Motion to adjourn

at 7:55 by Schlichter, 2nd by Van Voorhis, by acclamation.