Minutes 05 2015

Minutes from 5-7-2015 Meeting

Met at Police Precinct

Approximately 26 Attended; Guest Shaun Haley attended.

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dennis Foster

Introductions around room

Motion to accept minutes as posted on web by Kanschat, 2nd by John Parish

Treasurer report by Art Barnett (attached below)

Joe Lowenthal announced tech class start July 9 to Aug 13. From 6:15 to 9:30 pm

Roger Schlichter asked about interest in the overvoltage project. Said we had enough to build 16 and a few more.

Pat Lane mentioned Armed Forces Day cross band exercise for Sat May 9. Club voted to support effort with $50 donation.

Race for the Cure was mentioned for Sat May 30, at Mud Island. Roger Schlichter and Bill Stevens will coordinate. It will be downtown.

Bluff City Blues Bike Ride will be Sat Oct 3.

Quick Break

Michael Knight and Ryan Turner gave excellent detailed presentation on Hamwan network. Covered how it will work and the basic design. Explained how the network works and where the access points were. To access it hams need direction antenna and modem. Estimate costs in $175 range.

Had prize drawing;

Gerald Wilkinson won tape

Richard Martin won a multimeter

Art Barnett won a flashlight.

Approximately 8:30 Schlichter made motion to close, Savage 2nd , by acclamation