ABC Salad

1 container of mixed greens
2-3 Gala apples, cored and cubed
1 9-oz. pkg. of Melissa’s Peeled, Steamed & Cubed Golden Beets
1 small wheel Camembert cheese, cubed
Your favorite vinaigrette salad dressing*

Toss all ingredients together, and serve immediately.

*I tend to use a raspberry vinaigrette anytime I have fruit in a salad, which is often. I like the tanginess of the dressing, and feel that it really brings out the flavor of the fruit. Here’s the recipe that I use, but don’t feel hemmed in by this, you can use any favorite dressing of your own.

Raspberry Vinaigrette

1/3 cup raspberry vinegar

½ teaspoon salt

1½ teaspoons sugar

¼ teaspoon dry mustard

¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

½ cup vegetable oil

Place all dry ingredients into the bottom of a medium size mixing bowl and whisk together until blended.