Ernst Zuppinger

 ERNST THEODOR ZUPPINGER (1875 - 1948) was born in the little Swiss village of Hottingen  outside Zurich in 1875 and began to show artistic talent at a very early age.  He was to grow up to become one of Switzerland’s best loved landscape artists, working mainly in oils, and his work remains hugely popular to this very day. His wonderful images of Swiss landscape through the changing seasons are both beautiful and highly collectable. He particularly favoured scenes like this one with backdrops of majestic snow capped mountains in the Glarus and Grisons regions of Switzerland and countryside around Ticino, the country’s southernmost canton.  From 1908, the artist settled in Locarno and used it as a base for capturing breath taking images of the countryside, lakes and mountains of the region.  He became a leading member of what became known as the Locarno group of artists with his fellow painters Janci Adamina, Filippo Franzoni, Bruno Nizzola and Hugo Strauss.  Ernst Zuppinger died in Locarno in 1948 at the age of 73, leaving European art a superb legacy of stunning images of the Swiss mountains and countryside, as fresh today as when they were first painted.

Ernst Zuppinger’s paintings are highly collectable and fetch high prices at auction.  For example, his “Celerina im Monschein” recently fetched US$3,814 and “Ein Sonniger Tessinergross” sold for US$1,840.  Click the link below for recent auction prices by Ernst Zuppinger: