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Read the 'Overview of the Sport education teaching resource' page to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of this resource and some suggestions on modifying the program to suit your school's organisation and needs.

Sport specific units - Stage 2 and Stage 3

Ultimate Frisbee

Available late Term 4

Game category sport units - Early Stage 1 and Stage 1

Available 2023

Movement exploration games

Invasion games

Net and court games

Striking and fielding games

Target games

Professional learning opportunities

Game-based learning in sport and physical activity

Teachers are encouraged to complete the School Sport - Game-based learning in sport and physical activity e-learning to develop their knowledge and skills of implementing a game-based approach in school sport.

Delivering engaging sport and physical activity programs in K - 2

Enrol in the School Sport Unit - Delivering engaging sport and physical activity in K - 2 to develop further knowledge and skills in planning and delivering engaging sport and physical activity learning experiences to Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students.

Interconnection between physical activity and wellbeing in schools

There is a strong, positive interconnection between physical activity and students’ wellbeing outcomes. Physically active kids have more active brains, higher school attendance and improved self-esteem and resilience. Quality sport and physical activity is one component of a whole-school comprehensive approach to sport and physical activity. The School Sport Unit provides resources, professional learning and mentoring to improve student wellbeing outcomes through the implementation of a whole school approach to sport and physical activity.

To learn more about the professional learning and support offered by the School Sport Unit visit the Improving wellbeing through sport and physical activity page on the School Sport Unit website.

The activities used throughout the School sport teacher resource have been adapted from the Sport Australia Playing for life activity cards and companion books. Teachers can access and download a range of game-based physical activity cards on the Sport Australia website.

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