The Roopkund Trek 

Days 1 & 2: Wan to Bedni Bugyal and 1 Rest day


**** Wan ****

 SK emerges from the trees, as he nears Wan-GMVN boundary wall.

View behind the GMVN-TRH: the FRH (L) & Wan's Latu (R) Temple

Front View of Wan GMVN TRH 


A plant growing in the temple lawns ... looked like a snake-hood with a long black tongue coming out!

Ringing the bell at Wan Lotu temple


**** Wan to Bedni ****

On the trail to Bedni as we set out

Looking at Wan - from saddle point


Saddle Pt 7:50AM - waiting for Debu

We cross the stream at 8-40AM

The whole gang sat down for a rest

 **** Bedni Bugyal ****

Outside our Cook-house on arrival

KS views Bedni Bugyal in the evening when rain stopped

Bedni Bugyal - other tents

Our yellow tent on Bedni Bugyal

**** Rest Day at Bedni ****  


In the evening rain stopped at Bedni

Trishul partly hidden by clouds!

Bhupendra, me and Debu

Nanda Ghunti & Trishul

Cloud displays over Bedni Bugyal

18th June 2008 - 6:30AM: Trek Wan-GhairoliPataal-Bedni. We got up early and after a early breakfast, SK and I, set-off on the trail towards Bedni with our back-packs. Debu said the trail initially goes on the ridge above the Wan village for 2-3 Kms, and that he and his men will catchup with us by the time we reach the saddle point above Wan.

Beautiful Wan Lady with her Lamb - agreed to her picture being taken

At the saddle point above wan, we waited for Debu & co  (and took some pictures) but they were not to be seen. So we started going down (7-50AM) steeply, to the river where a concrete slab bridge crossed a stream. Debu, Mahendra and Bhupen caught-up with us there. We cross the stream,  at 8-40AM and then started the long slog of a climb up to Bedni. There were many ziz-zag climbs, through thick forest trails and only then we noticed that Debu had hired a mule to carry the bulk of our load up to Bedni-top.

The zig-zag climb through dense forest .... with mule-load of stuff

There were several Locals (with cows) also climbing along with us to Bedni and they knew the exact spots where the cell-phones catch the signal from Deval! SK and I could to call our wives in Mumbai, and tell them that trek has started fine.  Soon the rain started and we had to put on our ponchos.  The trail was quite ok in the rain, with no slush or slippery issues; but the rain did slow down our speed and progress. We finally reach Bedni Bugyal at 2:00PM in pouring rain - and went to our cook-house first and had a cup of hot tea, that Mahendra had kept ready for us. After that  we went to our tent  nearby and changed into dry clothes.

In the evening the rain stopped a bit, the clouds lifted and we got some sunshine and could see full extent of Bedni Bugyal, around our campsite.

We went to sleep in the tent, by 9:00PM, after a hearty meal of Rice, Dal and Sabzi cooked by Debu & Mahendra. Tomorrow is a rest day at Bedni with a day-trip to Ali Bugyal.  

Bedni Buygyal view, in the evening,when the rain had stopped. The Bedni Teahouse is on the right and other tents on the green bugyal.

View of  Bedni Bugyal

 Trishul finally visible .... with clouds floating around still.

19th June 2008: This was our planned rest day at Bedni.  And it rained throughout the day! We were tent-bound the whole day and our plan to make a short day trip to Ali-Bugyal was washed out. We spent the whole day solving Sodoku puzzles and reading guide books and various accounts of Roopkund treks. A Ukranian girl, who had climbed up to Bedni-Bugyal yesterday with us, made an attempt to reach Roopkund today but returned unsucessfully from Bhagubasa, due to heavy rains and extreme cold there. She planned to try again tomorrow. In the evening the rain stopped and we could see some snowcapped peaks to the North West. Also got a glimpse of Trishul through the clouds (pic above).