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We entered Bhutan from Phuntsoling and after obtaining Visas and Driving permits we drove to the capital and did all sights in and around Thimpu & Paro over next 3 days.

Highlight pictures from this Tour:

Bhutan West - Paro &Drukyel Dzong

A girl at Lango, Paro ... ready to go to school now!


Paro (WP203) roads are deserted

Paro's Main Square


 A beautiful Building in Paro


 A Multi-Utility engine .... hitched to a trailer carrying logs


Drukyel Dzong Ruins

Drukyel Dzong Ruins

Jhomolhari - from Drukyel Dzong


Mt. Jhomolhari

Handicrafts shop in Drukyel

 Drukyel-Paro Taxi waiting for Pax

We drove some distance beyond Drukyel along the trekking trail

The sign post showing you the turn for trail to Taktsang



Paro Market area

Chorten at Paro's Main Sqr

Hotel Peljorling in Paro . . .


. . . we had a nice breakfast here

Another view of Ta Dzong, paro


 View of Airprort runawayas seen from Ta Dzong

Paro Dzong above and below

ParoDzong Entrance 

Paro Airport Terminal .. this view from other side of the valley

Highlight Details of this Tour:

Scenic views on way to Drukyel Dzong (WP207) in the Paro Valley

17th April 2009: We left Thimpu early today at 5:00am and planned a day-trip to Paro valley and the Dukyel Dzong. We arrived in Paro at 6:20 am; but the small town was not yet awake and the streets were deserted and the shops were still closed. We decided to go ahead to Drukyel Dzong first and see Paro, on our way back. 

Paro main square (WP203) with misty clouds and a light drizzle

Drukyel Dzong is 16 Kms beyond Paro further NW in the Paro valley. There the ruins of Dzong built in 1644 by Zhabdung Namgyal as a "Fortress of Victorious Drupkas" to celebrate victory over invading Tibetans. the Dzong was destroyed by fire in 1951 and so now only the shell remains.  On a cloudless day you can see the impressive Mt. Jhomolhari (24000 ft) from here. Many treks trails, including the famous Snowman Trek, starts from in Drukyel. The diversion right to go to Taktsang Gompa (Tiger's Nest) is about 10Kms from Paro on the road to Drukyel Dzong.   

The ruins of the Drukyel Dzong (WP207) seen ahead as we near the site

 Jhomolhari range - from the Drukyel Dzong

View from the trek trails just beyond Drukyel Dzong


Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) at 9700 ft - a climb of 3000 ft; we didnt go there

We got back to Paro at 9:15am. The town was now up and about now and there were people and cars around in the streets. We had a nice breakfast in a hotel in Paro, in the main street square. After lunch we crossed the river and headed for Ta Dzong - the National Museum of Bhutan.

Paro's Ta Dzong - The National Museum (WP210)

The Museum, consisting of 4-5 levels, contains Bhutanese handicrafts, stuffed animals, silver works, arms, statues etc. From the gardens outside the Ta Dzong we got a beautiful aerial view of the entire Paro town and valley, as in picture below:


Paro Valley ... looking down from Ta Dzong

Paro Dzong

From the road below Paro Dzong ... the airport Runaway is in line! 


Paro Dzong and Paro River . . . . . as we leave town 

We were back in Thimpu by 1:45pm and the rest of the day spent in roaming the streets of Thimpu and some shopping and surfing the net in a cybercafe. Tomorrow, we leave very early for the Central Bhutan region of Bumthang. On the way to Jakar, we will be visiting the famous Punakha Dzong, after crossing a high-pass at Dochu-La! Read those details in the continuation page below.