Bijapur, Karnataka

The Gol Gumbaz (front view) - Bijapur  

The Archeological Museum and the Golgumbaz behind it

The Archaeological Museum next to Gol Gumbaz

Looking down from "whispering gallery" of Gol Gumbaz -
 a vertigo inducing look towards the M
ausoleum on Gr. floor  - still managed a steady shot. Click-Enlarge and see 2 men sitting on the window sill.   

Jama Masjid - Bijapur

Ibrahim Rouza

Ibrahim Rouza

Children riding the canon at Upli-Buruj watchtower 

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16th March 2010: I had reached Bijapur at 11:40AM and checked into a nice AC DBL Room (Rs 800/-) in Hotel Navratna In'tl on Station Road; less than a KM away from Golgombuz site. It was hot in the afternoon, so I did'nt stir out of the room until 4:00PM when it had cooled down a bit. I walked to Golgumbaz and did a quick tour of it including climbing up 7 stories in the narrow-stone steps, of the south minaret, to reach the Whispering Gallery atop the central dome.

About Gol Gumbaz (Click to read)

View from the Gol Gumbaz top rampart-terrace towards the Archeological Museum and beyond the main gate - Bijapur City

Coming out of Gol-Gumbaz at 5:00PM, I took an Auto-Rickshaw to take me to some of the other important Bijapur sights, over next 2 hour, for a fare of Rs 225/-. He took me to sevnen places, including the 2 main ones - Jama Masjid and Ibrahim Rouza.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

Ibrahim Rouza - Bijapur

Malik-e-Maidan - the 55tonne canon

Jala-Manzil at Bijapur

Bara-Kaman - the mauseoleum ruins of Adi Roza