A repeat of the awesome "classic" Trek from Jiri to Namche Bazar, Nepal, in 10-days. My target was Gokyo-Lakes ... but they eluded me! ... again!!

15th April 2014 Kathmandu to Jiri by an Express Bus  ..... 

Google Earth Image of our Trek Route .... from Jiri to Namche and beyond to EBC. 
More Images in the footer of this page (below); showing the huge ups and downs of the route

15th April 2014 Day-1: Kathmandu to Jiri by bus: 

We got up early at 5:00AM searched around the streets near our Garuda Hotel and found a street tea shop open for a cup of morning tea. Came back to hotel and found Shree Krishna and Rohit (2 of our porters) waiting. Brought down the luggage and left hotel by 6:30AM in two Taxis. We reached the Old bus stand and met up with our third porter, Ram-Rai there. Found our bus and reserved seats and loaded up the luggage on top of bus.

Our Bus to Jiri ... at old bus stand Kathmandu

There was plenty of time, before Bus departure at 8:00AM; so we found a nearby Dhaba hotel and had a hearty breakfast of Tibetan bread and omelette. 

The bus left on time and within an hour and half, we were climbing up the foothills of the Himalayas. We could now see panoramic views of snow peaks in the distance from the bus window. From a fueling cum rest stop, around 9:40AM, we got a direct clear view and I took some pictures of the snow vistas. 

Snow peaks vista from a rest stop  

Around noon our bus stopped at Mude for lunch and we had a tasty Nepali Thali-meal of Dal-Bhat-Tarkari. At 12:30 we started out again. Around 4PM we reached outskirts of Jiri, where we registered our Passport and TIM cards at a Check-post. 

Reached Jiri main street at 4:30PM. It was a long tiring bus ride of 8+ Hours. But the roads were in better condition now, than in Oct-2007 when I last came here. Despite being an "express" bus, some extra standing passengers were allowed to board for some local sections of the routes. 

There was a festive atmosphere in Jiri, with many prayer flags fluttering all over the town. Apparently a 3-day festival by Buddhist Monks was held here and just ended today. We saw many purple and crimson robed monks roaming around in Jiri streets and shops today.

We found a suitable triple-room in New Everest GH and stayed there for the night, on the 1st floor. 

The New Everest GH (left) with prayer flags

Day-wise details of the trip are in sub-pages: 

PKD and me flank our Garuda Hotel Nepali Security guy and copy his salute (which he executed with flourish every time we enterd or left the hotel lobby)

PKD and SK finishing their b/fast at the dhaba

Snow peaks vista from a rest stop

Saina Bhojanalaya at Mude where we had lunch 
Jiri main-street wore a festive look today

Later when we walked around Jiri, we found our bus still at the bus-stand; but now jam-packed inside and on the roof. All wanting to go to Shivalaya!

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