A 22-day Teahouse Trek from Sukhetar to Kanchenjunga S-BC and then via SeleLa pass to Kanchenjunga N-BC and back to Taplejung in Eastern Nepal. 


Kanchenjunga ... from Oktang (South-BC) in Nepal  .... R to L > Kanchenjunga South, Central and Main

 Google Image of the Kanchenjunga Base Camps (N and S) with Red Placemarks


During Manaslu-Tsum Trek (Nepal), last year, an 
Australian trekker in my group had shared a PDF printout (written by Sue & Howard Dengate) of the Kanchenjunga Trek that he was planning to do after the Manaslu Trek. That description of the Kanchenjunga Trek just emerging as a Tea-house trek was awesome! Since then I have been thinking about doing it, even though it seemed a difficult and strenuous trek of 20+ days in the remote eastern Nepal region.

Did not think a chance to do it will arise so soon. In July 2015, I was contemplating to do this trek starting end-Sept. But being a Remote Area trek I needed to join a group and have a Guide. Looking at the Trekking Partners' site, I found a post by Roger Ray; about 2-3 Americans joining together share Guide and Permit expenses for this Trek starting around 15th Oct 2015. Exchange of several emails with information about myself and my previous treks in Nepal resulted in my joining this Group. 

The comprehensive Kanchenjunga Trek website gives lots of information. Though, I was initially thinking about first NBC and then SBC side, I changed to SBC first, to be in sync with Roger Ray's plan. That plan followed most suggestions from
Detailed Track Notes for S-and- then-N by the Dengates'. Indeed a very helpful document. Gives a pretty accurate & current description of the trail conditions and the tea-houses. We read and followed this document pretty much making most of our stops at their recommended places.
Our Day-wise trek details are in the sub-page links in box below:  

Daywise Trek Diaries

Google Image of the full Trek Route

View from climb to Sele-La

View from climb to Sele-La