Everest Base Camp and Kalapthar Trek
Day 21 > Phakding to Lukla ... and then a flight back to Kathmandu

 Flowers on the trail on way to Lukla

 View as we near Lukla the airport plateau is up ahead

 Map of Lukla on a signpost showing main GH locations .... and  the Lukla airstrip  (click on image to enlarge) 

The chorten in Lukla ... 9:30AM 

After reaching Lukla at 9:30am we went straight to the airport and checked for next available Agni Air flight. Amazing! there was one landing right now and we could go on that to KTM; as only 50% full! Bhavnath is surprised and thrilled .... he knew he will be home safe by 17th for the Dasain festival.

 The view of cockpit of our Agni flight to Kathamandu

View from Lukla-KTM flight window under the engine - last longing look at these awesome mountains that I trekked the last 20 days.  

We landed in Kathmandu at 10:30AM the flight took only some 20 mins. It flew over some pretty awsome mountain scenery below ... One could see many hills and trails. Perhaps some that I had walked in the last 20 days? I could not catch all those arial views  on my camera due  to the angle requierd to position the camera. Still got an eyeful of live Himalayan views, clouds and mountains!

We took a taxi from airport and went straight to Hotel Garuda in Thamel and checked in at 11:30AM. That whole afternoon I spent in a Thamel Cybercafe with broadband connection!

Day-21 - 15th October 2007: Phakding to Lukla

We left Phakding at 6:20AM we left Phakding and started on our last day's trek to Lukla.  


Flowers on trail from Phakding to Lukla


We pass Chaplung at 8:35AM .... this is where the wonderful trail from Jiri joins the main Lukla-Namche trail

Lukla airport with a small plane waiting to take off

That plane takes off ...... from the very short runaway at Lukla

 Thats the Agni Air plane we were waiting to get on .... it took off within 5 mins of landing at 10:10AM

The Airhostess of Lukla - Kathmandu "Agni Air" flight 15th Oct

This is a pic of the Nepal Himalayas ... from my Kathmandu-Delhi flight by Cosmic Air ... from an alt of 30,000+ feet