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Khajuraho is a World Heritage Site. It was once the capital of Chandela kingdom. The Chandelas built these temples in a creative century between 950 to 1050 AD, in a remote location; which perhaps helped it survive the Muslim onslaught. This page covers the temples and sculptures of the Eastern Group of Temples. 

13th December 2005 : Afternoon

 I arrived at noon, at the eastern Group of Jain and Hindu temples near Khajuraho Village and first saw the Adinatha Temple.

Adinatha intricately carved ceiling

Adinatha Temple Entrance

Adintha Temple

Santhinatha Temple - 4.5 M high Adinatha - dt: 1028 

Javari-Temple devoted to Vishnu  1075-1100 and noted for its ornatemakara-torana and soaring Shikara


Sanctum of Javari Temple



Vamana Temple

Vamana Temple

Vamana Avatar of Vishnu

Bramha Temple on the bank of Khajuraho's Ninora-tal, near Khajurah village. Almost missed seeing this small Vishnu temple! 

It is mistakenly called Bramha temple because of the Lingam now in the sanctum ... but it was orginally dedicated to Vishnu, as per the figure on the lintel on sanctum doorway!

By 1:20 pm I had completed the rouds of the Eastern Group of temple and then drove past above Bramha temple heading South to Duladeo Temple.

Parsavnath Jain temple in East Group - with most elegent sculptres

Parsavnath - classic sculpture of woman removing thorn from her foot!





Vamana Temple - dwarf incarnation of Vishnu AD 1050-1075

The spire over sanctum of Vamana temple is devoid of any subsidiary shikharas and is embellished with chaitya arches