A backpacking tour over 3 Passes in Himachal Pradesh  ... using Local Buses & Share-Maxx'es. A non-touristy route from South of GNHP (Great Himalayan National Park) over Jalori-Pass, then crossing Rohtang-La to Keylong in Lahaul and then West into Pangi Valley, almost to J&K border ... and then south crossing over the rarely used Sach-Pass to Chamba and Dalhousie. 

In this page: Day-7: Killar > Sach-Pass > Chamba
1st August 2011: The Maxx driver picked me up from my hotel at 5:30AM. But as there were only 5 others, he waited until 6:30AM at the stand to get 1 or 2 more and then started down hill  towards the bridge, to cross to other side of the Chandrabhaga river. 

At 7:20AM we reached the bridge to cross over

On the suspension-stayed bridge now
Along the Sach stream now and climbing we see patches of winter snow not yet melted

Ahead a landslide area where a JCB is working

Looking back the way we came, I can see another Maxx following us down there

9:10AM We are reaching check-post & dhaba

We reached here at 9:10AM. I am told the Pass is higher up and
further ahead, 
but not too far now. We stop at this Dhaba for over 45mins and have hot and yummy Aloo-Parathas! We start again at 10AM and keep climbing steeply on the same dirt track all the way. 

The other Maxx left the Dhaba before us and is now ahead of us there (click enlarge).

The Pass is just beyond the turn ahead

The Temple on the Pass ... all pax visit the alcove and offer prayers for safe travel

Looking down from temple I see a 3rd Maxx too has arrived here now! 

After going down from the Pass for another hour at 11:30 we reach another Police Check-post at 'Sathrud' where all the Pax are lined up standing in front of the Maxx with its Regn# showing and a Video-clip is shot with a handy-cam. First time I have seen such a record being made in India. 

At Sathrud Checkpost 11:30AM

At 12:30 we pass Bhairavgarh - the traffic island gave all distances ... Chamba 100KM

We pass through some awesome pine forests

We reached Chamba town at 4:15PM; I got off an dcrossed the road to enter HPTDC Hotel Irawati and got myself a nice DBL room for atround Rs 1100 + taxes. And relaxed there for a while getting out and walking around the crowded Chogan square where Mela crowds were spilling all over the roads. 

At Chamba Chowgan there was a big Mela 

It was an awesome journey to have crossed the wild and raw Sach Pass. Doing it in regular Maxx-Taxi with an experienced driver made the ride seem so easy and doable. It was good and comfortable ride for me as I had booked both the front seats. 

2nd August 2012: After breakfast went to the nearby Bus-stand and  booked myself a seat in the 5:15PM Deluxe Bus going to Delhi. Checked out of hotel at 4:30PM and boarded the Bus that left on time and went via Dalhousie, Chandigarh etc. Didn't get to sleep much on the bus, but it was an OK ride. 

3rd August 2012: My bus reached ISBT-Delhi at 9:00AM and I took an auto to the airport and booked myself on a 11:25AM flight to Mumbai.
After 10 mins, I could see the road to Sach Pass way down there, on the opposite mountain; just where the sun-and-shadow meet (click enlarge)

The bridge inaugrated by CM on 14-Oct-2008

After crossing the bridge we turn left and start climbing. Soon we will turn right (South) and enter the Sach Valley climbing all the way.

A close-up of a snow bridge melting slowly

A waterfall coming up ahead; we stopped under it with windows closed to get a free car-wash!

The police checkpost - all pax make entries

At 10:30AM we are nearing the Pass now; with snow cut and piled high on both sides of road

Sach Pass at 10:32AM Alt:4250M per my Sunnto

The Goddess Diety in the Pass Temple

Looking down the Chamba side of Pass; as we leave here at 10:40AM

Lots of greenery, waterfalls and even snow on this rainy-side of the Pass

Green valleys and misty clouds all the way down to Chamba now 

At 3:00PM we seem to be nearing some town and can see civilisation

Along Ravi river now (4:00PM) near Chamba


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See all pics as Flickriver: Sach-Pass

End of the 3 Pass tour! I didn't do the Kum-Zum La Pass and Losar as planned ... but counted the slushy-rainy Rohtang-La pass crossing as a good enough substitute!