Mandawa - 2nd town in Shekawati area that I was visiting to see the painted Havelis

19-November-2012: Left Fatehpur at 11:30AM  and headed to Mandawa; a small market town in the heart of Shekawati region. It took me only 45 mins drive. I spent some time searching for a hotel to stay in market area but found a nice atmospheric quiet place Hotel Shahi Palace, slightly inside away from the noisy bazaar area adjacent to the Double Haveli. 

Hotel Shahi place had a 'royal' look with old style furniture and four poaster and fille dwith local art decor. Also had a nice square lawn as inside courtyard with Rooms lining the outside areas. The lawn also served as an open dining area.

 The inner lawn courtyard of Shahi Place

Chokani Double Haveli just opp Shahi Place

Steps to the entrance of Double Haveli

Another inside view of Chokani

A wall painting of Ganaesh in Ladia Haveli 

Crumbling Newatia Haveli - not maintained

Colorful handmade puppets made by caretaker family of Newatia Haveli
Entrance to Hotel Shahi Place where I stayed

My Room in Hotel Shahi Place

Inner Courtyard of Chokani

Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli, Mandawa

Courtyard of 
Sneh Ram Ladia Haveli,

Handicrafts for sale; made in Manadawa

Gold painted ceilings of Raghuwar Dayal Jhunjhunwala Haveli, Mandwa